It all started when...

Two moms wanted more for their children's education. Jenny Daniels and Linda Bohrer realized their kids school education was not encouraging science as much as they could. They wanted their kids to truly enjoy science, possibly even go into STEM careers one day. So with big dreams the little science camp began. The first couple years the toys and activities were the result of Jenny and Linda going to garage sales bright and early every weekend. Those toys are still some of our most adored activities to this day. Camp ran out of a portable with Jenny and Linda working as teachers for the first couple years. Science camp began to grow and go to move to the new preschool building with more teacher and more excited campers every year.

Now it has turned into the science camp that you all know and love. This year is the beginning of a new owner, Claire Bohrer. She is Linda Bohrer’s daughter and has been attending camp and working camp for as long as it has been up and running. The passion those two moms had as this company started is running deep within Claire as she is taking it over. This camp is family run and a family that cares deeply about kids being empowered to thrive in the science environment. This company cares about your kids and their future. We would love for you to join the science family and watch your kids learn the joy of STEM!