Science Explorers



Day 1:  RAINBOW SCIENCE- Reveal the magic of rainbows and create some awesome glasses to see the world in rainbow colors. Witness the transformation of colorful foods into an edible rainbow snack!

Day 2:  SYMPHONY OF SOUND- Explore the physics of sound through many ‘soundsational’ experiments. Use your new insight to make and take your very own sound producer. Tune in!

Day 3:  SPINELESS ANIMAL WONDERS- Uncover the mysterious habits of a spineless animal you know and love. Create a habitat to raise mealworms from larva to adult beetle. The swamp jello snack will have you asking for more delicious worms!

Day 4:  WET & WILD! THE SCIENCE OF WATER- Science fun is endless when it comes to water investigations! Discover the science behind water as you construct a model boat and cool off with an icy cold water-based snack.

grade level

Kindergarten through 1st graders in the 2018-2019 school year.


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