Science Lab



Day 1:  MESMERIZING MAGNETS- Use magnetic forces to create a contraption that will amaze all your friends and family. Uncover the secrets of the magnetic field. May the force be with you!

Day 2:  KITCHEN CHEMISTRY- Concoct chemical reactions that change before your eyes. Create and experiment with slime against slime in the Tournament of Slime. Who would’ve thought you could have so much fun with common household items!

Day 3:  SCIENCE DETECTIVE- Get ready to decipher the secret code and look for clues. Think like a spy and use your detective skills to solve the science mystery!

Day 4:  PHYSICS IN MOTION- Safety first is our motto, and we are counting on you to protect our science friends. Play with ping-pong balls and throw eggs while learning about the physics behind safety!

grade level

3rd graders through 5th graders in the 2017-2018 school year.